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a builder to maintain or manage your building longevity or defects, you came to the right place.

Defects Management

Akasska Constructions furthermore has served many years working in defects management. Whether it’s a builder who has gone under or building management/strata manager needing to engage professionals to complete the process, our capabilities in this department are enormous and never-ending. Whether you are a building manager, strata manager, developer, builder or owner, Akasska Constructions has the experience to get all defects sorted through the contractors liable. Our Process from A to Z includes:

  • Defect Inspection
  • Determination of contractor liable
  • Issue of legal notices in line with Home Building Act.
  • Management of defect repairs works.
  • Documentation of repair methods including uploading to internal operating system.
  • Reporting of outstanding and completed rectification works.



Akasska Constructions has numerous team members who have served many years working alongside building managers and strata managers from residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Akasska Constructions also have resources to manage, repair and certify Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). Our services which include inspections and certification, but limited to, include:

  • Passive Fire Maintenance and Repairs
  • Hydraulic Maintenance and Repairs
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs
  • Electrical Maintenance and Repairs
  • Common Property Maintenance and Repairs
  • Basement Maintenance and Repairs
  • Façade Maintenance and Repairs
  • Roofing Maintenance and Repairs