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Established in 1990, Akasska Constructions is a family business with a mixture of experience throughout the advancement of construction in the last 30 years.

Specialising in new homes, new duplexes, heritage refurbishments and major additional/alterations, Akasska Constructions tailer there construction to fit our client budget and personal satisfaction, ensuring affordability, quality and on going maintenance.

Our family of builders bring both the on site experience as well as detailed project management which enables all aspects of building happen as smooth as possible. Akasska Constructions has built its reputation by ensuring attention to major and minor detail. Our commitment helps our clients and partners bring there dream into reality.

Why Choose Akasska?

  • Over 30 years experience in residential constructions, defines as Akasska advising our clients and partners on tips and trick to maximise the future re-sell value of your dwelling.
  • Our position for construction means we constantly strive on pushing boundaries, making room for innovation for our clients and partners.
  • Our economical experience in residential constructions will advise your on a building which will suit your needs and maximise all aspects of your dream home.
  • Provide a simple 5 step process (under line 5 step process with link to process page) which will guide and advise you ever step of your journey.
  • Our focus on sustainable building practices means that you can be sure that we’ll take care to minimise the environmental impact of the project. We choose to specify recycled materials where possible, and we keep natural materials exposed where possible so that we can reduce the total embodied energy of the project.
  • We pride ourselves on having a courteous, friendly and informative approach with each and every client. We strive to establish a trusting, ongoing relationship throughout the entire design process to ensure it is a pleasant and positive experience.

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